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Our Grantees

Katie Katherine is from Massachusetts. She was adopted from Russia as an infant, and it wasn't until she was in the United States that she was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss. She excelled in high school with a stellar GPA and was involved in many activities. In particular, she was a soccer star, both on her high school team as well as on a travel team. She was also involved in the LOFT leadership group of the Alexander Graham Bell Association, was in the National Honor Society, and volunteered at an after-school program. (read more)


Celine Claudia hails from San Antonio, and will be attending Texas Tech. Claudia is well-rounded in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities; does volunteer work; and achieved a very high GPA at Winston Churchill High School. She is a confident, creative woman who has proven eager to dive in and tackle new things. Claudia plans to be a professional artist. She is very talented, and has taken AP Art and won several awards, given by the Southwest School of Art and by the Texas Art Education Association. She has also been a competing and award-winning gymnast. (read more)


Emma Reagan is a Midwesterner, from Ohio. She will be attending North Central College, a private liberal arts college in the historic district of Naperville, Illinois, beginning this fall.Reagan was recommended enthusiastically by many of her teachers, both at Wyoming High School and at North Central College where she took advanced classes. She was lauded for her maturity, discipline, intellect, and motivation, and excelled in everything from academics to athletics. (read more)


Michael Colin is from West Virginia, and will be attending West Virginia University, a public, research-intensive university in Morgantown, starting this fall. Colin excelled academically across a wide range of disciplines in high school, taking on challenging courses such as AP Literature, AP Language, college chemistry, and calculus. His reputation as one to pursue difficult course work has instilled the necessary foundation to ensure his success as he continues his education. He also showed a high level of commitment toward his extra-curricular activities. He participated most notably in soccer, wrestling, and track throughout his time at South Harrison High School. (read more)


Evelyn Evelyn is doing well in school and is learning American Sign Language during the summer. She is also volunteering at a Deaf elementary school. And in December 2017, a new best friend bounded into her life in the form of a hearing dog, who, besides being a loving companion, helps alert her to important sounds like doorbells, smoke alarms, ringing cellphones, and alarm clocks. (read more)


Michael Michael finished his freshman year at Gallaudet and, in addition to excelling in school, he took advantage of being in Washington, DC to explore the city. He was invited to the Connecticut Congressional Reception and had the pleasure of meeting his representative. In the summer of 2018, he worked as a camp counselor at Camp Isola Bella, a Deaf camp in Connecticut, and found it a great experience working with staff and meeting so many great kids. (read more)


Emma In her first year at Smith, Emma joined several music organizations, including the Ukulele Club and the Irish Music Ensemble. She participated in the production of Legally Blonde -- The Musical and will be the costume designer for next semester's production of Seussical. She's also an intern at the Smith College Historic Clothing Collection where she curates public exhibits ranging from early-20th century bodices to designer high-heel sneaker boots from 1980. She also manages the collection's social media presence. (read more)


Celine Celine's second year at San Diego State University (SDSU) saw her begin her training as Resident Advisor (RA), and she earned a Diversity Awareness Certificate and served as a mentor to freshmen in their transition to SDSU, prepared and directed programs, and served as a liaison for the National Residence Hall Honorary. She was also selected as a Research Assistant for an Audiology Research Lab with Dr. Laura Dreisbach-Hawe, that focuses on testing otoacoustic emissions in healthy newborn babies. During the summer of 2018 she studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. In fall of 2018, she plans to begin taking upper division classes in her major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. (read more)


Kayla Kayla is from Pennsylvania. She was mainstreamed at West Allegheny High. Kayla has been incredibly active in her community. Over the last six years, she has educated over 1000 people yearly about Deafness. She has also been involved as a volunteer at the Angel Ridge Animal Sanctuary. Kayla excelled with a 4.0 high school GPA, while also taking some college classes at Robert Morris University. In addition to her studies, she was active in numerous extra-curricular activities. (read more)


Connor Connor recently told us that he "loves the college life in Ann Arbor. With one year in the books, I have a 3.847 GPA." He's finding all of his classes fascinating. In 2016, he started his own wrestling gear company, Wrestle Boutique, that sells three different models of wrestling shoes, wrestling singlets, merchandise, and other wrestling gear. All of his products sold out within minutes! His Instagram page now has over 12,000 followers. (read more)


Kiran Kiran is now in her third year of architectural school, with a special interest in the impact of shading devices in architecture. She has also become very interested in photography and is considering combining that and architecture as a career. Kiran currently lives in Oregon, but was originally from India, where she was adopted by her parents from Mother Theresa's orphanage. She excelled in high school. (read more)


Eleanor Eleanor is from southern Illinois. She attended Parkland College where she excelled with a 3.8 GPA, and will be transferring to the University of Illinois in the fall of 2015. She has a goal to become a speech pathologist or elementary school teacher. During her high school years, she graduated magna cum laude and was inducted into the National Honor Society because of her stellar grades. She was involved in volunteer activities such as the yearbook, marching band, and Family, Career, And Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). (read more)


Kinza Kinza is the daughter of two immigrants, and has a younger sister who also has a severe hearing loss. Despite not hearing well, she was very involved in her high school chamber and symphony orchestras. She was also on the student council. Kinza did quite well in school, both in terms of her grades as well as leadership, as evidenced by one teacher who said, "Kinza is a highly motivated student who demonstrates strong leadership skills and exception self-confidence." (read more)



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