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Madison Lein

University of Wisconsin at Madison

Madison, from Edwardsville, Illinoi, is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she’s majoring in Biology; she plans to go to medical school in the future.

In addition to her hearing loss, she’s also dealing with reduced vision. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped her. She excelled in high school. In addition to carrying a GPA of 4, she worked throughout part of high school, mostly in the food industry though also tutoring a young child. While doing this, she also became part of both the National Honor Society as well as the National English and Math Honor Societies, was in the Symphony Orchestra and a member of her track and field team. She also participated in the Edwardsville Peer Influence Club. She was a leader in her community, leading one of her letter writers to state that Madison’s attributes are the type “that will lead her to change lives.”

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