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Applications are open early January - late May. We notify all applicants of our decision by mid-July, once our review committee has rendered their recommendations. Below you can scroll through helpful information related to applicant criteria, application logistics, and our privacy notice (click the arrows on either side to scroll through).

Click here to apply (start or edit an existing application); don't forget to submit before the deadline to be considered for funding!


The following criteria are used for selection of scholarship recipients to ensure that the mission of the Foundation is supported.

  • Recipients must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.

  • Recipients must have significant bilateral hearing loss. We require at least a 50 dB unaided hearing loss in both ears (verified by the speech reception threshold – sometimes called the SRT - or the pure tone average- sometimes called the PTA - loss on their audiogram)

  • Recipients must be undergraduates attending an accredited non-profit college physically located in the United States. The Foundation will not consider applications for graduate or high school tuition.

Applicants who meet the above criterion are considered regardless of age, sex, race, geographic location or ethnicity. The final selection of scholarship recipients will be made by the Foundation's board of directors or by designees as directed by the board.

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