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Meet the inspiring students we are proud to call LTZ Foundation grantees and alumni.

The LTZ Foundation Scholarship has allowed me to afford my college education. Which has also given me the chance to find countless opportunities at my university.

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Colin Colombo

Colin attends West Virginia University, and currently plans a career in engineering. He hopes to create new designs that will improve the quality of life for many people.


Safia Khan

Safia Khan, from the western Chicago suburbs, will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She will be majoring in English with plans for a pre-law track.


Anna Nack

Anna Nack from Sterling, VA will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology with plans to major in both Biomed Engineering and public policy.


Julia Resciniti

Julia Resciniti, from Pennsylvania, will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology with current plans to become a lawyer or policy director for a political campaign. Julia carried a 4.38 GPA while taking numerous honors and AP classes during high school.

Rivka Averbukh

Rivka graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University, and is currently working part-time as a nurse while full-time in graduate schoo (DNP at FAU)l to further her education.

Kayla Campbell

Kellynette Gomez

Kellynette graduated from Gallaudet University with a degree in Social Work. She is currently employed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, and works with individuals with disabilities to obtain jobs and/or training.

Rachel Kane

Rachel attends Marist College in New York, majoring in political science, with a goal to attend law school and possibly pursue a career in environmental law.

Jose Lopez

Jose, a 2020 graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, holds a Bachelor of Science in Web and Mobile Computing, and is currently excelling as an Integration Engineer at Amazon.

Emma O'Neil-Dietel

Emma is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an alum of Smith College '22 where she studied World Literatures, Spanish, and Archives Studies. She teaches creative writing at Writopia Lab and works at Ford's Theatre.

Mara Scallon

Mara graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in environmental science. She currently works as an international bicycle tour guide.

Brooke Suskin

Brooke graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in communications, and is now VP, Associate Creative Director for a healthcare advertising agency.


Claudia Egido Vinogradov

Claudia hails from San Antonio, and is attending Texas Tech University, where she is studying for a career as an art teacher and professional artist, leveraging her interest in and skill with art.


Christy Ma

Christy, from North Carolina, will be attending UCLA where she will major in physics.


Katie Norton

Katie is attending University of Massachusetts Amherst. She plans to ultimately earn an MBA and work as an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing. She is a member of the UMass Powerlifting team, and is also currently learning American Sign Language.

Adrita Arefin

Adrita graduated from RIT with a bachelor's degree computer engineering, and is now in a Master's program in Human-Computer Interaction at RIT.

Connor Boike

Connor graduated from U of Michigan Stephen M Ross School of Business in May, 2020, and was married in July. He continues to run his businesses -Wrestle Boutique and Funky Flickr Boyz, full time and is in the process of launching a third wrestling shoe brand.

Robb Dooling

Robb majored in Computer Science and minored in Writing Studies at RIT, and now is a technical editor at the U.S. Department of State, covering all countries and all issues. In his free time, he is an elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in northeast Washington, DC.

Eleanor Greer

Eleanor attended the University of Illinois with plans to become a speech pathologist or elementary school teacher. Her extracurricular activities focused on helping and working with young children.

Megan Ketelaar

Megan graduated from RIT with a BS in Software Engineering. She now lives in Boston, where she is a senior software engineer on HubSpot's backend team.

Kiran Mapes

Kiran is starting her fifth year of a 5-year architecture program at the University of Oregon and is also interning for Gallaudet University Campus Design and Planning department to learn about Deafspace.

Erin Rainey

Erin attended William and Mary College with the goal of becoming a teacher. She has taught kindergarten, special education, and intervention in 4 different cities over the past 10 years.

Michael Slane

Michael is attending Gallaudet University, and plans to graduate in 2021. He is majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Family Child Studies.

Christine Thurber

Christine graduated from Assumption College and has a Master's in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology. She works as a Plant Protection and Quarantine Officer for the USDA to survey for the Spotted Lanternfly (an exotic pest that causes damage to trees and agriculture in Pennsylvania and other states).


Jasmean Fernando

Jasmean, from Staten Island, New York, attends Rutgers University in New Brunswick pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and plans to continue working in this area for her career work.


Blessed Mbogo

Blessed, from Maryland, is attending Gallaudet University. He’s majoring in biology with plans to eventually apply to medical school.


Morgan Pickeral

Morgan Pickeral, from Georgia, will be attending the North Carolina A&T State University. She will be majoring in nursing, with plans to become a pediatric surgical nurse. Morgan had a 4.02 GPA in high school, while taking a rigorous class load.

Sofia Assab

Sofia graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia University in 2022. She is now co-founding a decentralized technology start up.

Evelyn Burnett

Evelyn graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle in Speech Language Pathology, and currently works as an assistive tech specialist at the State of Washington Vocational Rehab Division.

Christine Gerard

Christine graduated from NTID/RIT, receiving her Associates Degree in Applied Computer Technology, specializing in Computer Security. She lives in Rochester, New York and works as an associate at Walmart.

Kyle Homer

Kyle attends Brigham Young University where he’s majoring in exercise science in preparation for applying to medical school.

Kylie Knick

Kylie graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree, Cum Laude, majoring in Speech and Hearing Science, and has since earned a doctorate in Audiology from Ball State University. She currently is an audiologist and a private practice owner in Greenville, Eaton, and Celina, Ohio, and has two beautiful daughters.

Celine Minasian

Celine is from California, and graduated from San Diego State University (SDSU) in May 2020 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Gerontology. She is currently a 3rd year audiology doctoral student at CU Boulder with the same goal of becoming a pediatric audiologist.

Reagan Raymer

Reagan attends North Central College, where she is a student athlete (volleyball) studying to become an actuary.

Alison Sweet

Alison graduated from the University of Michigan, and has a master's degree in Public Policy. She has worked for several years at the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan.

Jennifer Wickman

Jennifer graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a major in Child and Adolescent Development and a minor in Recreation Management. She is currently a second grade teacher at the Michigan School for the Deaf.

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