Meet the inspiring students we are proud to call LTZ Foundation grantees and alumni.

The support that you have provided me over the past four years, has helped make it possible for me to achieve my dreams and goals. I will always be eternally grateful for your generosity.


Connor Boike

Connor attends the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business where he is majoring in Business Marketing.


Colin Colombo

Colin attends West Virginia University, and currently plans a career in engineering. He hopes to create new designs that will improve the quality of life for many people.


Rachel Kane

Rachel attends Marist College in New York, majoring in political science with plans to enter a career as an advocate for people with disabilities.


Celine Minasian

Celine attends San Diego State University (SDSU) has plans to become an audiologist and "pay it forward" as she puts it.


Reagan Raymer

Reagan attends North Central College, where she is a student athlete (volleyball) studying to become an actuary.

Rivka Averbukh

Rivka graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her RN in 2018, and is now working in her field.

Megan Clancy

Megan is an honors graduate of Gallaudet University and California State University at Long Beach. She ultimately wants to establish her own organization to help other people with hearing losses succeed.

Christine Gerard

Christine graduated from NTID/RIT, receiving her Associates Degree in Applied Computer Technology, specializing in Computer Security. She lives in Rochester, New York and works as an associate at Walmart.

Lindsay Griffiths

Lindsay holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Higher Education from John Brown University. She works as a project manager for Consumer Testing Laboratories.

Tania Karas

Tania lived and worked as a reporter in New York after graduation from Northwestern University. She is now an independent reporter in Greece, where she traveled to complete a U.S. Fulbright Fellowship.

Maya Liddell

Maya attended George Washington University, where she was an active member of the APO service fraternity and the PAD pre-law fraternity and intern at the Washington, D.C. International Film Festival.

Erin Rainey

Erin attended William and Mary College with the goal of becoming a teacher, and then taught kindergartners in Virginia Beach with Teach for America. She teaches Early Childhood Special Education at a charter school in Washington, DC.

Ashley Romero

Ashley studied at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, before going to nursing school.

Kinza Siddiqui

Kinza attends Texas A&M University. She currently plans to become a biomedical engineer.

Christine Thurber

Christine works as a consulting arborist for the Davey Tree Company under contract by the USDA to survey for the Asian Longhorned Beetle. She has a Master's in Conservation Biology and Applied Ecology.


Evelyn Burnett

Evelyn attends college at the University of Washington, Seattle, where she plans to study to become a Speech Language Pathologist and help other deaf children.


Claudia Egido Vinogradov

Claudia is attending Texas Tech University, and currently plans to study for a career as an art teacher and professional artist, leveraging her interest in and skill with art.


Jose Lopez

Jose attends Rochester Institute of Technology where it will be his last year to complete his Bachelor of Science in Web and Mobile Computing.


Katie Norton

Katie is attending University of Massachusetts Amherst. She plans to ultimately earn an MBA and work as an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Michael Slane


Alexander Balsley

Alexander attended Northeastern University, majoring in civil engineering with a minor in environmental science. He plans a career in sustainable design engineering.

Soraya Clinton

Soraya attended Miami-Dade Community College.

Kellynette Gomez

Kellynette attended Gallaudet University studying Social Work and Psychology.

Connor Guerrieri

Connor studied computer science as an undergrad, and also volunteered at an animal shelter and took additional online courses to sharpen his network/software security knowledge.

Megan Ketelaar

Megan graduated from RIT with a BS in Software Engineering. She now lives in Boston, where she works for HubSpot, Inc.

David Marmor

Susan Reed

The first in her family to attend college, Susan entered into the nursing program at her school. (NOTE: Susan's name is changed for this bio.)

Mara Scallon

Mara attended Northeastern University and works as a science educator in Alaska.

Alison Stroud

Alison graduated from the University of Michigan and now has a master's degree in Public Policy.

Jennifer Wickman

Jennifer attends California State University, Northridge, majoring in Child and Adolescent Development. She plans to work with children with hearing loss, helping them be successful in life.


Kayla Campbell

Kayla is from Pennsylvania, and is attending the Rochester Institute of Technology with the hopes of becoming a 3D modeler and digital designer.


Hannah Goodman

Hannah attends Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, majoring in theater with plans to become an actress.


Kiran Mapes

Kiran attends the University of Oregon and plans to become an architect.


Emma O'Neil-Dietel

Emma is from Pennsylvania, and is attending Smith College in Massachusetts majoring in Comparative Literature and Spanish with plans to be a writer and an educator.

Adrita Arefin

Adrita graduated from RIT with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Gabriel Campbell

Gabriel finished his engineering program at RIT and moved to North Dakota, taking courses in linguistics at the University of North Dakota.

Robb Dooling

Robb majored in Computer Science and minored in Writing Studies at RIT, served as President of Spectrum (NTID's LGBTIQ and Straight Alliance) club, and worked in software engineering at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and GEICO.

Eleanor Greer

Eleanor attended the University of Illinois with plans to become a speech pathologist or elementary school teacher. Her extracurricular activities focused on helping and working with young children.

Devorah Hayman

Devorah graduated from Arizona State University with a BSEE in Computer Systems Engineering with Information Assurance concentration. She works as a Technical Consulting Engineer for Intel.

Kylie Knick

Kylie graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree, Cum Laude, majoring in Speech and Hearing Science. She has since attained a doctorate in Audiology from Ball State University.

Andrea McGhee

Andrea attended Kent State University. She loves working in the education sector teaching elementary school art in Medina, Ohio.

Lauren Roberts

Lauren attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

Andrew Schultz

Andrew is a biomedical engineering major at the State University of New York.

Brooke Suskin

Brooke graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in communications, and is now an Art Director for a healthcare advertising agency.

Daniel Xu

Daniel studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He works in Boston for a startup focused on using machine learning to help retailers increase their profits.

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