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Reagan Raymer

North Central College

Reagan is a Midwesterner, from Ohio, and is attending North Central College in Naperville, IL, studying to be an actuary. She has has a virtual actuarial internship this summer with Western & Southern Financial Group, a Fortune 500 company in Cincinnati, Ohio, and soon will start her fourth year of college, where she will be practicing for a potential spring volleyball season. She was more than two years old before her severe hearing loss was identified, and in fact only hears some sounds in one ear via a hearing aid. Reagan excelled in high school, including being a star on her school's volleyball and softball teams while winning numerous awards for scholastic and sport accomplishments. At North Central College, she has played softball and volleyball while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Reagan was recommended enthusiastically by many of her teachers, both at Wyoming High School and at North Central College. She was lauded for her maturity, discipline, intellect, and motivation, and excelled in everything from academics to athletics. As a junior, Reagan was a key member of the varsity volleyball team, and, as a senior, she took on the role of a team leader and became one of the best players in Cincinnati Division II volleyball. As a four-year softball player, she was a consistent presence in the team lineup since her freshman year when she led them in hitting with a .534 batting average. She was featured in Cincinnati's "The Enquirer" newspaper for her athletic and academic success, attributed to her "grit and determination". In addition to being involved with the math club and the actuarial club there, Reagan was asked to be a tutor in the Math Resource Center, an unusual honor for a first-year student. Reagan plans to become an actuary upon graduation.

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