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Julia Resciniti

Rochester Institute of Technology

Julia Resciniti, from Pennsylvania, will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology with current plans to become a lawyer or policy director for a political campaign. Julia carried a 4.38 GPA while taking numerous honors and AP classes during high school.

She has been involved in numerous writing and creative endeavors. This includes participation in Girls Write Pittsburgh, was a member of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance the last year as Vice President, and involved with Girl Gov. She was a regional finalist in national History Day (where she created a website to display information about the American Eugenics movement) among other activities.

In addition, Julia has been paid to write for the Hatchling Games in the United Kingdom where she was a guest writer working virtually with that team to ensure adequate disability representation. She also helped the Western Pennsylvania Disability History and Action Consortium where she managed their database and collaborated across various organizations as well as worked with the Italian Heritage Collection to help digitize their collection and update their current on-line information.

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